Chinese Anti-submarine Aircraft Enters Taiwan’s ADIZ
Asia-Pacific Research, December 01, 2020
Taiwan News 30 November 2020
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A Chinese military aircraft intruded upon Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Sunday (Nov. 29), marking the 21st such intrusion this month.

A People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) Shaanxi Y-8 anti-submarine aircraft flew into the southwest corner of the ADIZ Sunday evening, according to Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense. In response, Taiwan scrambled fighter jets, broadcast radio warnings, and deployed air defense missile systems to track the Chinese plane.

China has been regularly harassing Taiwan’s ADIZ for over two months now, with intrusions usually occurring in the southwest portion of the zone.

Starting on Sept. 16, two PLAAF Shaanxi Y-8s flew into the southwest corner of the ADIZ. On Sept. 18, while U.S. Under Secretary of State Keith Krach was in Taiwan on a three-day visit, Beijing sent 18 military planes — including H-6 bombers and J-10, J-11, and J-16 fighter jets split into five groups — to carry out sorties to the northwest of Taiwan and in the southwest portion of the ADIZ, with some crossing over the median line in the Taiwan Strait.

On Sept. 19, the last day of Krach’s visit, another 19 Chinese military aircraft, including bombers, fighter jets, and patrol planes, flew six sorties between an area northwest of Taiwan and the southwest section of the ADIZ, with some again flying over the median line.

On Nov. 2, eight PLAAF planes, including two Y-8s, two SU-30s, two J-10s, and two J-16s, carried out five sorties in the southwest portion of the identification zone, marking the third-largest incursion since Sept. 16. The rest of the intrusions since Sept. 16 have comprised between one and three Chinese military planes, while on Oct. 22, a Chinese drone was also sent into the southwest corner of the ADIZ.

Chinese anti-submarine aircraft enters Taiwan’s ADIZ

Flight path of Chinese Y-8 on Nov. 29 (MND image)


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