Australia: Are the “Chooks Coming Home to Roost” for the British Empire, and Their Treatment of Slaves Around the World?
Asia-Pacific Research, November 06, 2020

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This article was originally published in June 2020.

Australia’s Admission to the treatment of the indigenous people, as their slaves, came to light recently when Prime Minister Morrison revealed some of the detail of Australia’s “treatment of slaves”.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has apologised for saying on Thursday that there was no slavery in Australia, after he was accused of ignoring the nation’s history of forced labour.

“My comments were not intended to give offence and if they did, I deeply regret that, and apologise for that,” Morrison said on Friday, admitting that there have been “all sorts of hideous practices” in Australia.

Speaking on a Sydney radio on Thursday, Scott Morrison argued against the idea and claimed that Australia’s record was better than that of other countries of the colonial era.

“Well, when you’re talking about Captain James Cook, in his time he was one of the most enlightened persons on these issues you could imagine,” he said. “While slave ships continued to travel around the world, when Australia was established, sure it was a pretty brutal settlement … but there was no slavery in Australia.”

The exploitation of Aboriginal labour took place until the 1970s, with wages being paid not directly to them but to the state through special “Protection Acts”. Last year the Queensland government agreed to pay 10,000 Indigenous people a total of $190 million for wages unpaid between 1939 and 1972.

How will Britain answer for their treatment and exploitation of the people from India, who were sent as slaves to South Africa, Fiji, and elsewhere around the world – to work in the sugar cane fields. Those people sent from India, were slaves of the British Empire.

Let the flood gates open. A very sorrowful state – Britain – which lead the enslaving of people from not only India; what about Africa?

Let the “movement” change what has been wrong for so many years. Britain’s time to answer the questions, and compensate.


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