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Saber rattling by Trump administration officials on China give pause for concern, continuing Obama’s hostile approach, risking direct confrontation if not curbed.

At his Senate confirmation hearing, Secretary of State designee Rex Tillerson recklessly said “(w)e are going to have

This paper will reconsider previous work on the demographic transition under way in West Papua (the Indonesian provinces of Papua and Papua Barat) in the light of documents received from the Indonesian Statistics Office (Badan Pusat Statistic BPS) that give

 Tho I myself am despised by society, and cast aside, it is I who must prove my innocence. Yogmaya Neupane

Nepal is perhaps unique in the world of nations today with its three top public offices occupied by women: …

Now well into the second decade of the 21st century, the world is witnessing the true extent of China’s economic, political, and growing military reach. This reach and integration into the globalized world has been gradual, incremental, and quiet over

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