Nuclear Terrorist Australia, UK & US AUKUS Alliance Threatens Humanity

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In a secret deal with the UK and the US for nuclear-powered submarines, Australia has stabbed France in the back, and torn up a huge, underway deal for conventional French submarines. The nuclear terrorist Australia, UK and US  AUKUS  Alliance threatens  Australian security, sovereignty, coastal cities, and trade. It also threatens nuclear disarmament, the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), China, Australia’s South Pacific and Asian neighbours, and Humanity.

The scrapping of the A$90 billion contract for supply of French submarines, the agreement for Australia to get US-designed nuclear-powered submarines, and the  formation of the nuclear-armed Australia, UK and US  (AUKUS)  Alliance to dominate Asia and   the Indo-Pacific, were all massive decisions made in secret without public consultation or political debate in the 3 countries involved. Appallingly, these 3 dangerous  decisions were evidently secretly entered into by the extreme right-wing, war criminal,  climate criminal,  egregiously corrupt, dangerously incompetent, traitorous  and US lackey Coalition Australian Government for simple grubby political advantage in the forthcoming Federal elections.

Summarized below are the numerous key aspects of this disastrous affair set out in 3 areas, namely (A) AUKUS nuclear terrorism, (B) Genocidal AUKUS militarism, and  (C) AUKUS deal damages Australian values, sovereignty, independence, security, democracy, reputation, foreign relations, and trade.

(A). AUKUS nuclear terrorism  

(1). Nuclear terrorist AUKUS increases the  existential threat to  Australia, Humanity and the Biosphere from nuclear weapons. Humanity and the Biosphere are existentially threatened by nuclear weapons and climate change. A nuclear holocaust would be followed by a nuclear winter that would wipe out much of Humanity and the Biosphere. In the absence of requisite climate action, a worsening Climate Genocide is predicted to kill 10 billion people en route to a sustainable population in 2100 of only 1 billion [1]. Famed theoretical physicist Professor Stephen Hawking: “We see great peril if governments and societies do not take action now to render nuclear weapons obsolete and to prevent further climate change” [2]. Australia’s nuclear submarine and AUKUS deals both seriously increase the existential threat of nuclear weapons to Humanity and the Biosphere.

As with its evil involvement in  so many other areas relating to war crimes, human rights abuse and climate criminality, the extreme right-wing, anti-science and neoliberal Liberal Party-National Party Coalition Government of Australia is again instinctively doing the wrong thing by this long-term entrenching of AUKUS nuclear terrorism. Nuclear threat drawdown and total nuclear disarmament are technically possible and readily achievable with the “small” nuclear weapons states of the UK, France, North Korea and Apartheid Israel while being more difficult with the “big” nuclear weapons states of the US, Russia, China, India and Pakistan. Australia has been critically involved in UK and US nuclear terrorism for 75 years (supply of uranium, involvement in testing of UK weapons and missile delivery systems, hosting of nuclear weapons-carrying US warships, world-leading uranium enrichment technology, and  crucial involvement in US nuclear terrorism via the Pine Gap and North West Cape communications bases) [3]. In addition to this  evil complicity in US Alliance nuclear terrorism, Australia’s present move to the penultimate position  of  adoption of full-blown nuclear terrorism (nuclear-powered submarines with weapons-grade enriched uranium) is utterly unwarranted, in the wrong direction, endangers Humanity and the Biosphere, and warrants comprehensive global Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against an evil, war criminal,  omnicidal,  terracidal  and nuclear terrorist Australia.

(2). Violation of the spirit and letter of the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, commonly known as the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)  has been adopted and ratified by 191 states, the exceptions including Pakistan, India , North Korea and Apartheid Israel. The nuclear terrorism-based AUKUS deal  violates the spirit and the letter of the NPT [4]. While Australia technically does not have nuclear weapons, under the AUKUS deal  Australia illegally assists its nuclear terrorist associates, the UK and US, in the acquisition and deployment of nuclear weapons. Thus the deal  to purchase nuclear-powered submarines for Australia retrospectively and indeed prospectively makes such acquisition and deployment by the UK and US cheaper. NPT Article I  demands that each nuclear-weapons state (NWS) undertakes not to transfer, to any recipient, nuclear weapons, or other nuclear explosive devices, and not to assist any non-nuclear weapon state to manufacture or acquire such weapons or devices – however this is grossly violated by the AUKUS deal in that huge amounts of weapons-grade uranium will be given (albeit ostensibly only for submarine propulsion)  to Australia, a warmongering country  in which there is considerable public advocacy of a nuclear weapons capacity. NPT Article II demands that each non-NWS party undertakes not to receive, from any source, nuclear weapons, or other nuclear explosive devices; not to manufacture or acquire such weapons or devices; and not to receive any assistance in their manufacture – however this is grossly violated by the AUKUS deal in that huge amounts of weapons-grade uranium will be given to a nuclear terrorist Australia as part of the submarine nuclear power system. The deal  for conventionally-powered French submarines did not violate the NPT.

(3). Violation of the Labor Opposition-supported Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW). The Australian Labor Party (ALP) (presently in Opposition) has explicitly stated and confirmed that if it achieves power it will ratify the  Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW). However through Australian receipt of weapons-grade uranium for the submarine reactors, the secret and unilateral AUKUS deal will grossly violate the TPNW that crucially lists the following prohibited activities: “Article 1 Prohibitions:

(1). Each State Party undertakes never under any circumstances to:

(a). Develop, test, produce, manufacture, otherwise acquire, possess or stockpile nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices;

(b). Transfer to any recipient whatsoever nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices or control over such weapons or explosive devices directly or indirectly;

(c). Receive the transfer of or control over nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices directly or indirectly;

(d). Use or threaten to use nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices;

(e). Assist, encourage or induce, in any way, anyone to engage in any activity prohibited to a State Party under this Treaty;

(f). Seek or receive any assistance, in any way, from anyone to engage in any activity prohibited to a State Party under this Treaty;

(g). Allow any stationing, installation or deployment of any nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices in its territory or at any place under its jurisdiction or control” [3, 5].

(4). Greatly increased nuclear threat to Australia from the AUKUS Alliance. The US- and Zionist-subverted Australian Mainstream journalist, editor, politician, academic and commentariat  presstitutes  are dangerously, evilly and absurdly talking about  “war with China”. However a moment’s reflection informs that there would be a hierarchy of targets  in any Chinese, Russian, North Korean or whoever response to a huge but limited initial attack by the US or AUKUS whether by accident tor design. Thus a nuclear  attack in response on a US city (or possibly a critical US base) would precipitate a massive US nuclear  response, and the end of the world. However after a retaliatory nuclear attack on a US-allied  Australian target (e.g. a small Australian city) the US  might sensibly decide to leave it there. US-allied Australia is already a nuclear target, and this new AUKUS Alliance, coupled with the anti-China Quad (Australia, the US, Japan and India), and absurd, jingoistic and  dangerous calls for war against China, increases the threat further.

(5). The AUKUS Alliance simply further locks a nuclear terrorist Australia into UK and US nuclear terrorism committed to mass murder of women and children. Australia, Japan and India have unwisely joined with the US in the anti-China Quad that makes them nuclear targets. Japan, South Korea and possibly Taiwan operate under the “protection” of a US “nuclear umbrella”. NATO countries associate themselves with US, UK and French nuclear terrorism and are nuclear targets. The US has about 700 military bases located in over 70 countries that have thus also avoidably made themselves nuclear targets. Costa Rica famously does not have an army but other Latin American, African and most Asian and Pacific countries, while having armies (“defence forces”),  are not allied with UK and US nuclear terrorism. US lackey Australia  does not and should not be associated militarily with the UK and the US, nuclear terrorist rogue states that are fervently committed to mass murder of women and children as a key military strategy.

(6). The AUKUS deal means Australia will be only 1 step  away from having nuclear weapons on nuclear-powered submarines. Nuclear terrorism-complicit Australia revels in the myth that its uranium exports are for peaceful purpose only, but the only difference between Australian barrels of uranium oxide for  peaceful or war purposes in a French warehouse is simply the labelling on the barrel. Similarly, a state of the art military gun is the same before it is loaded with either acceptable bullets or bullets forbidden by the Geneva Conventions. Australia’s nuclear powered submarines will potentially be covertly or overtly nuclear armed  simply on the basis of (US-directed) government fiat. Indeed non-nuclear armed but nuclear-powered Australian submarines will be indistinguishable from nuclear-armed UK and US vessels and thus critically enhance Anglo-American nuclear terrorism.

(7). Other countries may follow Australia’s despicable and threatening example. On the present basis, Australia will be the only non-NWS (non-Nuclear Weapons State) to have nuclear-powered submarines. Thus Apartheid Israel is closer to the US than Australia, and while Australia belongs to the exclusively Anglosphere 5-eyes intelligence-sharing club (the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand), the US shares bulk intelligence on Australians with Apartheid Israel [6]. Nuclear terrorist Apartheid Israel may well now be saying “me too” to the Americans over nuclear-powered submarines. Other countries may be attracted to the idea of having a conventionally or nuclear-armed “deterrent” on nuclear-powered submarines that have global reach, can hide at depth, and only have to surface to replenish food supplies.

(8). Nuclear industry, nuclear waste, radioactive contamination and “floating Chernobyls”  in Australian waters and ports. The leader of the Australian Greens Adam Bandt has declared that the AUKUS deal will put “floating Chernobyls” in every Australian port. This was immediately condemned by the US lackey Australian Mainstream as false and hysterical, citing the good safety record of nuclear power stations and nuclear submarines. However the rejoinder is that nuclear power stations and nuclear-powered submarines are only “safe” until they appallingly cease being so, as for example with Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, Fukushima and  numerous US and Russian nuclear submarine disasters [7]. The AUKUS deal has renewed insistent calls for a  major  nuclear waste industry (e.g. to take UK and US nuclear waste) and a nuclear power industry in Australia. Conventional nuclear power is expensive, dirty, generates  horrendously long-term radioactive waste, is a massive security threat, and  is non-renewable – in our present carbon economy all steps of the nuclear cycle (excepting nuclear fission) involves massive generation of CO2 from mining, enriching uranium and building power stations to de-commissioning power stations and safe disposal of highly radioactive waste.

(9). AUKUS deceit trashes trust in Australia and “national security”; nuclear  mass  murder is an utterly unacceptable military strategy. The Americans might argue that they were compelled to develop nuclear weapons first out of fear that genocidally racist Nazi Germany would do so. Thence the Russians felt compelled to follow suit in response to the real  threat from the US, and then the  British, the French etc. However rational risk assessment says that non-NWS countries outside the 9 nuclear weapons states (NWS) should not adopt nuclear weapons nor enter into NWS alliances  that make them nuclear targets. White Australia was a fervent ally of the genocidally racist UK for over 150 years before it switched total allegiance to the US with the fall of Singapore to the Japanese in 1942. Post-WW2 Australia assisted UK acquisition of nuclear weapons and missile delivery systems but became intimately involved in US nuclear terrorism through the Pine Gap and North West Cape communications bases, the hosting of US warships, and participation in all post-1950 US Asian wars (atrocities associated with 40 million Asian deaths from violence or war-imposed deprivation). The morally bankrupt Australian  Coalition Government has now taken this moral degeneracy to one step away from having nuclear-armed as well as nuclear-powered submarines to existentially threaten the 4 billion people in the Indo-Pacific region.

Former Australian Coalition PM  Malcolm Fraser described Australia’s US lackey subservience as dangerous stupidity: “Slavish devotion to the US a foreign policy folly for Australia” [8].  Former Labor PM Paul Keating: commented thus on the AUKUS and nuclear submarine obscenity: “The notion that Australia is in a state of military apprehension about China, or needs to be, is a distortion and lie of the worst and most grievous proportions. By its propagation, Australia is determinedly casting China as an enemy – and in the doing of it, actually creating an enemy where none exists.… I have also said before, but worth repeating, that when it comes to major international conflagration, land beats water every time. Through this submarine purchase, Australia surrenders its naval forces to the command of the United States, while setting itself into a military position incapable of defeating Chinese land-based and sea denial forces. It takes a monster level of incompetence to forfeit military control of one’s own state, but this is what Scott Morrison and his government have managed to do” [9]. Former Coalition PM Malcolm Turnbull (betrayed and supplanted s PM by Scott “Scomo” Morrison aka Scum-o, Scam-o, Skim-o, Scam-o and Smirk-o): “The Australian government has treated the French Republic with contempt — it won’t be forgotten. Every time we seek to persuade another nation to trust us, somebody will be saying, ‘remember what you did to Macron?’ When you conduct yourself in such a deceitful manner internationally, it has a real impact on Australia” [10]. The UK Morning Star has reported:  “Delegates at the [2021 UK] Labour Party conference overwhelmingly backed a motion expressing solidarity with Palestine and condemning Israel’s apartheid policies today, delivering another grassroots rebuke to the party leadership. The passing of Young Labour’s historic motion, which marks the first time a major British political party has backed the United Nations’ definition of Israel as an apartheid state, came after shadow foreign secretary Lisa Nandy failed to mention the country’s occupation of Palestine in her keynote speech… Labour delegates also backed an emergency motion condemning the Aukus pact with the US and Australia against China, saying it was “a dangerous move that undermines world peace.” [Labour leader] Sir Keir [Starmer] has publicly welcomed the pact” [11].

Nuclear  mass  murder of women,  children and men is an utterly unacceptable military strategy. Australia should join over 120 other countries that have nothing to do with US nuclear terrorism and thus take Australia off the list of nuclear targets. Indeed a morally decent Australia would go further, sign and ratify the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), leave its alliance with the genocidally racist, and mother- and child-killing UK and US, and urge and implement comprehensive international Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against all NWS and non-NWS countries involved in nuclear terrorism.

(10). Australia is second only to the US as a supporter of serial war criminal and nuclear terrorist Apartheid Israel. Cowardly, racist and utterly unprincipled US lackey Australia imposes US- and Apartheid Israel-supported sanctions on non-NWS Iran for allegedly wanting to become a NWS. In reality Iran wants a nuclear-weapons free Middle East,  denies wanting nuclear weapons , and has not invaded another  country in about 1,400 years. In contrast Australia-, UK- and US-backed Apartheid Israel has attacked 13 countries, still occupies the territory of 4 countries, possesses 90 nuclear weapons plus submarine-based and other  and missile delivery systems,  and in addition to perpetrating the ongoing Palestinian Genocide (90% of Palestine ethnically cleansed of Indigenous inhabitants, and 2.2 million Palestinian deaths from violence, 0.1 million, and imposed deprivation, 2.1 million since 1914), played  a key role in the Cote D’Ivoire civil war, the  South Sudan Civil War, the Guatemalan Mayan Genocide, the Sri Lanka Tamil Genocide and the Myanmar Rohingyan Genocide. Nevertheless  mendacious, racist, war criminal  and Zionist-subverted Australia identifies with fellow settler-colonial state Apartheid Israel, and as a lackey of Zionist-subverted US Australia is second only to the US as a supporter of serial war criminal and nuclear terrorist Apartheid Israel.

(B). Genocidal AUKUS militarism

(1). The UK has  no legitimate reasons for a military presence in the Indo-Pacific region.The only territory still illegally occupied by the serial war criminal UK in the Indo-Pacific region is the completely ethnically cleansed Chagos Archipelago that is claimed by Mauritius (a case supported by the International Court of Justice, the UN General Assembly and the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea). Ethnically cleansed Diego Garcia is a huge US and UK airbase used in war criminal and genocidal atrocities across the Indo-Pacific region [12]. While the AUKUS allies berate US-threatened China for making artificial islands out of uninhabited atolls in the South China Sea, the ethnic cleansing and militarization of the Chagos Archipelago is a genocidal crime by the serial war criminal UK and US.

(2). The Nazi Germany-style US atrocities mean the US has no legitimate reasons for a military presence in Asia. The US has been mass murdering Asians for over 120 years in the following countries (dates and deaths from violence and imposed deprivation in brackets): Philippines (1899-1913;  1 million), Japan (1941-1945; 3.1 million; 60 cities destroyed plus the nuclear destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki), Korea (1950-1953; 2 million), Vietnam (1960 – 1975; 16.9 million), Cambodia (1965-1998; 5.4 million), Laos (1964-1975; 1.1 million), Palestinian Genocide (1914-present; 2.2 million), Iraqi Genocide (1990-present; 4.6 million), Iranian Genocide (1978-present; 3 million), Afghan Genocide (2001-2021; 4 million ), and Yemeni Genocide (2011-present; 0.9 million). US lackey Australia has been complicit in all post-1950 US Asian wars (40 million Asian deaths from violence and war-imposed deprivation). In the post-WW2 era the US was  variously involved in installing, prompting  and backing military  dictatorships in the following Indo-Pacific region countries (1950-2005 excess deaths in brackets):  Egypt (19.8 million), Iraq (5.3 million), Iran (14.3 million), Afghanistan (16.6 million), Pakistan (49.7 million), North Korea (2.9 million), South Korea (5.0 million), Thailand (3.8 million), Cambodia (5.9 million), Vietnam (24.0 million), Laos (2.7 million), Philippines (9.1 million), Timor Leste (0.7 million) and Indonesia (71.5 million). The US-backed West Pakistan army killed 3 million Bengalis and raped 0.3 million women and girls (1950-2005 Bangladeshi excess deaths 51.2 million). The US-backed Indonesian military seized power in 1965,  massacred 1 million Indonesians (including many Chinese Indonesians) and with Australian, UK and US backing invaded Timor Leste (200,000 killed out of a population 600,000; 1950-2005 excess deaths 0.7 million) [13].

(3). Past and continuing Nazi Germany-style genocidal UK involvement in the Indo-Pacific region. The UK has had an appalling and continuing involvement in genocide in the Indo-Pacific region as summarized here, West to East (dates and deaths from violence and imposed deprivation in brackets): South African Genocide (brutal British rule 1795-1910 followed by UK-backed racist White rule 1910-1993; 1950-2005 excess deaths 13.5 million), Tanzanian Genocide (brutal British rule 1919-1961, 1950-2005 excess deaths 14.7 million), Kenyan Genocide (brutal British rule 1895-1960, 1950-2005 excess deaths 10.0 million; 1952-1960, 1.2 million killed); Somali Genocide(brutal British rule 1885-1960,  1950-2005 excess deaths 5.6 million; US Alliance re-invasion in 2007 and renewed Somali Genocide, post-2001 deaths 2.9 million),   Yemeni Genocide (brutal British occupation 1839-1967 and 1950-2005 excess deaths 6.8 million; renewed Yemeni Genocide 2011 onwards, 0.9 million deaths), Sudanese Genocide (brutal British rule 1896-1958, 1950-2005 excess deaths 13.5 million), Egyptian Genocide (brutal British rule, 1882-1923; UK, French and Apartheid Israel invasion, 1956; UK- and US-backed part Israeli occupation, 1967-1979; 1950-2005 excess deaths  19.8 million), Palestinian Genocide (brutal British rule, 1917-1948; UK- and US-backed Apartheid Israel rule 1948 onwards; WW1 and onwards excess deaths 2.1 million  and violent deaths 0.1 million; 1950-2005 excess deaths 0.7 million),  Iraqi Genocide (brutal British rule 1914-1948; Sanctions, Gulf War, invasion and occupation 1990-2011; 1950-2005 excess deaths  5.3 million; violent and excess deaths 9 million  (2014-2011), 1.9 million (1990-2003), 4.6 million (1990-2011), 2.7 million (2003-2011)), Chagos Archipelago part of Mauritius (completely ethnically cleansed by the perfidious British in 1967-1973 so the US could build  a base on Diego Garcia to bomb Asia),  Afghan Genocide (brutal partial British rule 1857- 1919, 1950-2005 excess deaths 16.6 million; UK and US Alliance occupation, 2001-2021, violent and excess deaths 4.0 million), Indian Holocaust and Indian Genocide (brutal British rule 1757-1947, 1,800 million excess deaths; 1942-1945 Bengali Holocaust (6-7 million excess deaths in Bengal, Assam, Bihar and Orissa from famine deliberately imposed for strategic reasons by the British with Australian complicity), Malaysia (British rule  1950-2005 excess deaths 2.3 million),  Myanmar Genocide (brutal British rule 1886-1948; 1950-2005 excess deaths 20.2 million), Pacific Islands Genocide (19th century British acquisition of Pacific islands, notably Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands and Tonga, associated with decimation of the Indigenous  populations due to introduced disease associated with slavery and missionary activity e.g. in 1875 40,000 out of 150,000 Fijians died from introduced measles) [13].

(4). Australia, UK and US have invaded 85, 193 and 72 countries, respectively. The 3 serial war criminal countries of the AUKUS Alliance each have an appalling record of invading other countries. As a UK and thence US lackey Australia has invaded 85 countries as compared to the UK 193, the US 72 (52 after WW2), France 82, Germany 39, Japan 30, Russia 25, Canada 25, Apartheid Israel 12,  China 2, North Korea 0, and Iran (none for 1,400 years) [14]. War is the penultimate in racism and genocidal war is the ultimate in racism. Of Australia’s 85 invasions some 30 have been genocidal, ranging from the 233-year and ongoing Australian Aboriginal Genocide (2 million deaths from violence, deprivation and disease) [15] to the worsening Climate Genocide (10 billion to die this century in the absence of requisite action en route to a sustainable population in 2100 of only 1 billion) [16-18]. Enough is enough, and a cowardly and serial war criminal Australia should finally cease this genocidal war criminality and association with the genocidal and serial war criminal UK and US.

(5). 40 million Asian deaths in post-1950 US Asian Wars. Australia has been complicit in all post-1950 US Asian wars, atrocities in which Asian deaths from violence and war-imposed deprivation totalled about 40 million [13]. The serial war criminal and racist Australian Coalition supported all of these wars whereas Labor  supported all these atrocities except for the Vietnam War and the Iraq War. When I was doing my PhD in Australia during the Vietnam War  I drove a VW carrying a big sign in black on the back saying “NAZIS KILLED JEWS, WE KILL ASIANS”.  Half the victims in this Asian Holocaust were children. Thou shalt not kill children.

(6). US-imposed post-9/11 Muslim Holocaust and Muslim Genocide, and the War on Muslim women and children.  About 34 million Muslims have been killed by violence (5 million) and imposed deprivation (27 million) in 20 countries invaded by the US Alliance since the US Government’s 9/11 false flag atrocity that killed 3,000 [19-22]. About half of the dead in this US-imposed  carnage have been children. Australia and indeed all other countries  should dissociate themselves from a serial war criminal and child-killing America. Back in the Vietnam War days we used to chant “Hey, hey, USA, how many kids did you kill today?” As of 2020 about 7.5 million people die  avoidably each year from imposed deprivation on Spaceship Earth with a child-killing America in charge of the flight deck – about 50% of the 7.5 million avoidably dead are children and thus 7.5 million/2 = 3.75 million children die thus annually or 3.75 million/365.25 = 10,267 i.e. over  10,000 children die thus each day in the world  with serial war criminal, neoliberal and child-killing America being heavily responsible for this carnage [13, 14, 23].

(7). UK lackey and thence US lackey Australia was involved in 30 genocides. Of Australia’s 85 invasions as a UK lackey and thence a US lackey some 30 have been genocidal, ranging from the 233-year and ongoing Australian Aboriginal Genocide (0.1 million violent deaths and 2 million excess deaths from deprivation and introduced disease and destruction of all but 150 out of some 700 unique languages and dialects with all but 25 of the surviving languages endangered ) [15, 16] to the worsening Climate Genocide (Australia is among world leaders in 16 areas of climate criminality and thus is disproportionately contributing to a worsening Climate Genocide that in the absence of requisite action is set to kill 10 billion people en route to a sustainable human population in 2100 of only 1 billion) [16-18].

(8). Cold War and hot war on China. In a horrifying and worsening circumstance in Australia (population 25.8 million) right-wing Australian Mainstream journalist , editor , politician, academic and commentariat presstitutes talk of the “threat from China” and the need to arm Australia to meet the threat of war with China (population 1,400 million). Words fail to adequately describe this utter lunacy. Indeed this unthinkable lunacy is widespread in the US-dominated Anglosphere – Google the phrase “war with China” and one gets 10,900,000 results. John Pilger has warned of the US encirclement of China and the threat of war [24]. US lackey Australia has gone out of its way to show its blind loyalty to the US by publicly and repeatedly insulting China, Australia’s biggest trading partner. China has responded with “coincidental” trade restrictions that have so far cost Australia about $20 billion annually.  Lionel Barber in Nikkei Asia (2020): “Super-sensitive about charges of a COVID cover-up, Beijing has ratcheted up trade sanctions in various forms on Australian beef, barley, coal, timber and latterly the wine industry. Altogether, about $21 billion of Australia’s $147 billion in goods and services exports to China have been affected. Only iron ore — where China remains dependent on supplies to its mighty steel sector — has been spared” [25].

(9). More genocidally racist White Anglosphere “gun boat” domination of Asia. In 1750 the percentage of world GDP was about 25%.(India), 30% (China) and 23% Europe,  but European invasion and genocidal occupation meant that India’s share of world GDP plummeted to 4% by 1950. India’s share of global industrial output declined from 25% in 1750 to 2% in 1900. Similarly, European and thence Japanese invasion and devastation meant that China’s GDP in today’s dollars remained almost the same between 1820 and 1950. The British kept most of the Indian population close to the edge of starvation and governed with the help of well-fed Indian soldiers (sepoys). As a consequence there were regular disastrous famines and 1,800 million Indians died avoidably from egregious deprivation under the British while a stolen $45 trillion funded the British Industrial Revolution and the lavish lifestyles of the wealthy exploiters retiring from the India (the so-called nabobs, this term being a corruption of “nawab” or Bengali prince) [26-29]. The violation of China by the British and other Europeans in the 19th century and thence by the Japanese (by invasion in 1937-1945) and the US (by post-WW2 sanctions) killed hundreds of millions of  Chinese [13].

What upsets the endlessly greedy, racist and exceptionalist Americans is China’s economic progress that has seen China overcome centuries of violation with an extraordinary  economic miracle has taken 800 million people out of poverty and put China  on track to become the world’s biggest economy. Post-Independence India abolished the man-made famines that regularly devastated British-ruled India  but has been vastly less successful than China in abolishing endemic poverty. Thus per capita GDP (IMF) and population in millions, M) are presently as follows:  India ( $2,191, 1,396.9M ), China ($11,819, 1,439.3M), UK ($46,344, 68.3M), Japan ($42,928, 126.0M), Australia ($62,723, 25.9M), and the US ($68,309, 333.4M). Poverty kills and 2020 estimates for “annual avoidable deaths from deprivation”  and “annual avoidable deaths as a % of population” in these countries are as follows: India (1,213,300, 0.0879%), China (249,260, 0.0173%), Japan (2,570, 0.0020%), Australia (1,560, 0.0061%), UK (4,330, 0.0064%) and the US (38,930, 0.0185%). In terms of  “annual avoidable deaths as a % of population”  China is slightly better than the US but both are about 3 times worse than Australia and the UK that in turn are about 3 times worse than Japan (the world’s best). However “democratic” India is 5 times worse than China and the US, 14 times worse than Australia and the UK, and 44 times worse than Japan. One notes that “democracy” surely means  “expression of the fundamental wishes of the people” and these “fundamental wishes” are surely a long life for themselves and their children, good health services, good education, good governance, and economic and physical  security – things provided by One Party China but not for most people in ostensibly “democratic” India that is actually a One Percenter-dominated corporatocracy, plutocracy and kleptocracy.

It is obscene that 3 countries that were variously involved in  the horrendous and genocidal European suppression of China should now via the White Anglosphere AUKUS Alliance be seriously threatening China for so successfully overcoming centuries of foreign invasion and devastation by wiping out deadly poverty. It is even more obscene that while India once led the non-aligned world, a now neoliberal Modi India is blatantly ignoring history and ganging up with the Asia-devastating countries  of Australia, the US and Japan (the Quad) to seriously threaten China and its wonderful progress out of dire poverty.

(10). China isolationism versus genocidally racist and serial war criminal UK, US, Australian and Apartheid Israeli imperialism and exceptionalism. War is the penultimate in racism and genocide the worst in racism, noting that  according to Article 2 of the UN Genocide Convention: “In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, as such: a) Killing members of the group; b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group” [30]. The 4 serial war criminal countries of the UK, US, Australia and Apartheid Israel belong to an Orwellian  mutual admiration society that denies the horrendous racist and indeed genocidal atrocities in which they have been involved. The Zionist-subverted UK, the Zionist-dominated US, Zionist-subverted and US lackey Australia and Apartheid Israel have invaded 193, 72, 85 and 13 countries, respectively, with many of these invasions being genocidal [13, 21].  By way of comparison, border spats and battles aside, China has only invaded and incorporated 2 major territories in the last 800 years, namely Tibet (Yuan dynasty control in the 13th century re-established by the Qing dynasty in the 18th century, this mirroring English conquest of Scotland in the same period) and Xinjiang (incorporated in the 18th century). Despite this appalling record,  the AUKUS countries falsely claim adherence to the “international rules based order” and endlessly support Apartheid Israeli war criminality and  egregious violation of 16 International laws and conventions [31, 32].  Thus the highly abusive and genocidal  54-year Apartheid Israeli Occupation of Occupied Palestine (present population 5.2 million) and the violent, 73-year exclusion from Palestine of  Exiled Palestinians (presently 8 million) are backed by the UK, US and Australia, while the Chinese construction of shipping-protecting man-made islands on uninhabited reefs in the South China Sea is described by egregiously exceptionalist  AUKUS as “aggression” that “threatens the world”. While the US has over 700 military bases in over 70 countries, China has but 1 (in Djibouti, together with other powers, and  to help protect the huge sea trade to and from Asia through the Red Sea and the Suez Canal).

(C). AUKUS deal damages Australian values, sovereignty, independence, security, democracy, reputation, foreign relations, and trade

(1). The AUKUS (Orcus) deal was deceptive, duplicitous and dishonourable in relation to France and exposes mendacious Australia as extremely untrustworthy. Indeed the French and their EU partners have described the AUKUS deal as duplicitous and a betrayal by Australia. Days before ripping up the A$90 billion French-Australian submarine contract and revealing the AUKUS deal, the Australia Government wrote to the French declaring that the French submarine program was progressing well. One notes that AUKUS is pronounced the same as “Orcus”, the Roman God  for punishing those who break oaths, lie and perjure themselves. As with Hades, the name of the god was also used for the underworld itself. The Romans sometimes conflated Orcus with other gods such as Pluto, Hades, and Dis Pater, god of the land of the dead. In Greek mythology, Horkos was the son of Eris (“Strife”), and  brother of Dysnomia (“Anarchy”), and Ate (“Ruin”). Like the Roman god Orcus, Horkos  punished anyone who swore a false oath or uttered  perjury. Horkus  was also the companion of the goddess Dike (Justice) [33, 34].

In horrible actuality a huge number of examples can be given of how look-the-other-way White Australia has an extraordinary culture of entrenched mendacity – the greater the reality, the more resolutely does Australia seek to hide it. Thus for just 1 example,  at the genocide complicity end of this mendacity spectrum, as a UK and thence US lackey, a cowardly and racist White Australia has invaded 85 countries  with 30 of these invasions being genocidal, but this appalling reality has been overwhelmingly white-washed away by monolithic Australian Mainstream mendacity [14-18].  At the “nice” end of the Australian mendacity spectrum, better educated  Mainstream Australian journalist, editor, politician, academic and commentariat  presstitutes earnestly demand “respectful conversation”  i.e. polite lying by omission over atrocities to avoid interlocutors being in any way “upset”, having “concerns” or having “issues” that might impact their “mental health”.  “Deceptive, duplicitous and dishonourable” as descriptives for the conservative  half  of White Australia barely get to first base –  other key descriptives are genocide complicit, holocaust complicit, genocide ignoring, holocaust ignoring, genocide denying, holocaust denying, anti-Arab anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, Sinophobic, anti-Asian, genocidally racist, anti-Jewish anti-Semitic (re anti-racist Jews), anti-science,  anti-environment, speciescidal, ecocidal, omnicidal, terracidal,  anti-human rights, anti-Indigenous, serial war criminal, Stupid, Ignorant and Egregiously Greedy (SIEG),  thieving, lying, mendacious, child abusing, mother abusing, cowardly, profoundly corrupt, fascoid (quasi-fascist) , and, of course,  endlessly self-deceiving.

(2). The AUKUS deal compromises French alliance in the Indo-Pacific and Australian sovereignty, independence, and security. Apart from US lackey Australia and the US, the only other non-Indigenous  European powers with a major military presence in the Indian Ocean or the South Pacific are nuclear-armed France and anti-nuclear  New Zealand. The bumbling incompetence and entrenched dishonesty of the US lackey Coalition  Australian Government has wrecked Australian relations between France and the EU, and further divided Australia’s relations with its sister country New Zealand that firmly supports a nuclear-free South Pacific as a core national position.  The circa A$100 billion plus submarine deal  uniquely gives top secret US and UK nuclear and submarine technology to a non-NWS ally but also locks Australia into US policy like a quasi 51st US state –  the US will effectively run and repair  these submarines, and any serious (if morally unexceptional) Australian departure from its craven US lackey position (e.g. like adopting New Zealand’s anti-nuclear position or sensibly and profitably adopting  greater friendliness with Australia’s  biggest trading partner, China) could make this hugely expensive and key defence asset a White Elephant. Accordingly a presently US lackey Australia will even more fervently support US interests  against Australian  interests. Thus, for example, if the US wants to attack or threaten China economically, diplomatically or militarily it will be able to use Australia as a surrogate to bear any initial “blow-back”, and indeed the exceptionalist, mendacious, nuclear terrorist, serial war criminal, and children mass murdering  US is already doing this, 20 years before delivery of the first nuclear-powered submarine to Australia.

(3). The secret AUKUS deal wedges cowardly Labor and further compromises repeatedly US-violated Australian parliamentary democracy. The sine qua non of Australian politics is fervent and blind support by a craven US lackey Australia for the US and US policies.  The outrageously routine  lying and other appalling misconduct of President Donald Trump acted as a safety valve  for the severely compromised moral and intellectual integrity of cowardly Australian Mainstream journalist, editor, politician, academic and commentariat presstitutes who for 4 years were “permitted” to  criticize Trump and Trump America if not the US per se.  Australia has been involved in all post-1950 US Asian wars, atrocities  in which 40 million Asians have been killed by violence and war-imposed deprivation – a massive crime against Humanity that quantitatively must be compared with (deaths from violence and deprivation in brackets in millions, M) the Black Death (75-200M), the Mongol invasions (40-60M), the European slave trade (20M), genocidal European colonialism in the Americas (100M), the 2-century British-imposed Indian Holocaust (1,800M) and Chinese Holocaust (100M), WW1 (40M), 1918-1919 influenza pandemic (50-100M), Stalinist crimes (20M), WW2 ( 80M)  including  the WW2 Jewish Holocaust (5-6M),  the WW2 European Holocaust (30M), the WW2 Chinese Holocaust (35-40M), and the WW2 Bengali Holocaust  (6-7 M), 2001-2020 War on Terror (34M), and the Global Avoidable Mortality Holocaust  (presently 7.5M per year and 1,500M  since 1950). The Australian Labor Party (presently in opposition) supported all post-1950 US Asian Wars except for the Vietnam War (17M) and the Iraq War (5M).

The neo-fascist Coalition (presently in power) supported all post-1950 US Asian Wars and is perceived  by the Stupid, Ignorant and Egregiously Greedy (SIEG as in the Nazi “Sieg Heil”) half of the adult Australian population as more loyal to America and “better” on “national security”. When “security matters” arise, and notably proposed security-based constraints on civil liberties, Labor  is “wedged” (trapped and politically unable to offer any opposition) and hastens  to blindly support the US alliance and civil liberties-violating measures. Cowardly and unprincipled Labor was similarly “wedged” over the disastrous AUKUS and submarine deals and supported both, albeit with disingenuous and cowardly grumbling. As US lackeys, both the Coalition and Labor  fervently support nuclear terrorist and genocidally racist Apartheid Israel, and Australia with 33 other countries (nearly all European and supporters of UK-US nuclear terrorism) is a member of the anti-Arab anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish anti-Semitic and holocaust-denying International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA)  that is anti-Arab anti-Semitic (falsely defaming Palestinian, Arab and Muslim critics of Apartheid Israeli crimes) , anti-Jewish anti-Semitic (falsely defaming anti-racist Jewish critics of Apartheid Israeli crimes) and holocaust-denying (ignoring all WW2 holocausts other than the WW2 Jewish Holocaust and indeed ignoring and hence denying about 60 other horrendous genocides and holocausts).

The AUKUS deal is another example of gross  interference in Australia by the ruthless and exceptionalist  UK and US. Thus in 1932 the democratically-elected Labor premier of New South Wales, Jack Lang, was dismissed by the Governor at the behest of UK banks. In 1975 the UK and the US were variously involved in the Coup that removed the democratically-elected Gough Whitlam Labor Government from office. The cowardly and uninformed Australian electorate rejected Whitlam at the following election, and the wounded  Labor Party adopted the pragmatic, cowardly and unprincipled  policy of “All the way with the USA”. When Labor was returned to power in 1983 it was under a right-wing former union boss, Bob Hawke,  who was patently a “US asset” and who dishonestly delayed accession of his successor , Paul Keating, a patriotic Australian who was sensibly cautious about the Americans. In 2004 the US Ambassador critically intervened publicly during a Federal election when the right-wing Labor Leader of the Opposition, Mark Latham, promised to bring Australian troops back from Iraq “by Christmas” if elected  (he lost the election). In 2010 the popular Labor PM Kevin Rudd was removed in a US-approved, mining company-backed and pro-Zionist-led overnight Coup  (one of the key plotters was a “US asset” who was revealed by WikiLeaks to be secretly transmitting Labor Government Caucus deliberations to the US Ambassador). US lackey and Zionist-subverted Australian  Intelligence, the Coalition, Labor, and Mainstream media have mounted outrageous campaigns against Australian Muslim MPs polite to China, and most recently against the poor Palestinian Australians that threatens all Australians.

This gross foreign interference in Zionist-subverted, US lackey Australia continues with no public protest because 70% of the Australian daily newspaper readership is “owned” by the mendacious, right-wing, pro-Zionist, anti-science, climate criminal, effective climate change denialist  and pro-war US Murdoch media empire. Australian democracy has become a plutocracy,  kleptocracy, Murdochracy, corporatocracy, lobbyocracy, and dollarocracy  in which Big Money purchases people, politicians, parties, policies,  public perception of reality, votes, more political power and more wealth. This situation is so appalling that former Labor PM Kevin Rudd and former Coalition PM Malcolm Turnbull have demanded a public judicial inquiry into the mendacious Murdoch media monopoly [35]. For the same reason it is likely that an egregiously mendacious, incompetent, anti-science, pro-war, war criminal, climate criminal, corrupt, Zionist-subverted,  traitorous and US lackey Coalition Government is likely to be returned at the forthcoming Federal election by the  stupid,  ignorant and egregiously greedy (SIEG) and morally degenerate half of the Australian electorate.

(4). Dishonest anti-China AUKUS deal compromises  criminally subsidized and dumping-based Australian trade. Australian Mainstream journalist, politician, academic and commentariat presstitutes wax hysterically about asserted Chinese trade “payback” through imposed tariffs on a variety of goods  over US lackey Australia’s highly provocative  anti-China actions in 14 areas set out by the Chinese Embassy [36]. However unreported by Mainstream media, Australian trade is criminally subsidized and dumping-based. Thus Australia is among world leaders in climate criminality  in 16 areas, and by failing to put  proper price on carbon pollution [37] is heavily subsiding  the Australian economy and Australian exports in particular. Assuming a damage-related Carbon Price of $200 per tonne of CO2-equivalent means that Australia has an inescapable  Carbon Debt of $5 trillion that is increasing at $686 billion annually, and at $70,000 per head per year for under-30 year old Australians (USD). Accordingly Australia’s annual GDP of $1,393 billion should be inflated to $1,393 billion + $686 billion Carbon Debt  = $ 2,079 billion.  The ratio of Carbon Debt/GDP = $686 billion/  $1,393 billion = 0.49 i.e. for every $1.0 billion of goods and services generated by Australia each year (or exported to China each year), there is a deliberately hidden but inescapable  subsidy of about $0.5 billion to be paid by future generations [38]. Polya’s Second Law of Economics states that deceit over Cost of Production inevitably increases under ruthless neoliberalism [39]. Indeed the EU is presently moving to apply “carbon tariffs” to highly polluting countries like Australia. So far China has been too polite, diplomatic and strategic to point this out but will surely eventually do so as US lackey Australia ramps up its anti-China provocations, of which the latest are the anti-China AUKUS and nuclear-powered submarine deals.

(5). White Anglosphere AUKUS spotlights and reinforces entrenched Anglosphere and White Australian racism against non-Europeans, Asians and Chinese. War is the penultimate in racism and genocide the ultimate in racism. As elaborated in section B, the AUKUS countries have an appalling record of invading and devastating non-European countries that reached another appalling peak in the 21st century. Australia has been involved in 85 invasions with 30 of these being genocidal, these ranging from the 233 year and ongoing  Australian Aboriginal Genocide (2 million deaths from violence, deprivation and disease) and the 2 century Indian Holocaust  (1,800 million deaths from imposed deprivation) to the 21st century Muslim Holocaust and Muslim Genocide (34 million deaths from violence and imposed deprivation) and the worsening Climate Genocide that is set to kill 10 billion people this century [15-22]. This racism was expressed domestically in hatred for Indigenous Australians, non-Europeans, Asians and Chinese  via racist opinions and racist legislation, notably in the maltreatment of Aborigines and Chinese, the White Australia Policy, the present horrendous maltreatment of refugees, Islamophobia, egregious anti-Semitism (against Muslims and anti-racist Jews) and  widespread  Sinophobia [40]. The White Anglosphere AUKUS alliance solidifies this Sinophobia and harks back to centuries of European bullying of China. Non-Europeans, Asians, Chinese and decent humanitarians will be offended by this racist reversion, and poor fellow my country, Australia, is already losing  out heavily in terms of trade and reputation. The US-promoted Australian xenophobia targets China but ignores huge UK, US and Apartheid Israeli subversion of Australia [31, 32, 40-42].

(6). US lackey Australia is suckered as the US picks up Australia’s lost China trade and the lost French submarine deal . While the incompetent, racist, mendacious, war criminal, climate criminal and US lackey Australian Coalition Government seeks to gain US and electoral support from its China-bashing, the Americans are quite realistic and are reported to be picking up the China trade squandered by Australia [43]. The US submarines will be far more expensive than the  French submarines, will involve less Australian input, lock Australia into the child-killing and nuclear terrorist US for decades, and will not be delivered until 2040.  Australia is one of the most corrupt countries on earth,  and no doubt,  as in the past,  Australian politicians will be rewarded with jobs within the US military industry. One is reminded of the royal motto of “Honi soit qui mal y pense” (“Evil be to those who  evil think”) and “Jedem das Seine” (the  German translation of the Latin phrase suum cuique, meaning “to each his own” or “to each what he deserves”, and displayed over  the entrance to the Buchenwald concentration camp by the Nazis in WW2).

(7). AUKUS betrayal of trust and France will at least delay any  Australia-EU Trade Deal.The AUKUS submarine deal betrayal has created French enmity  that is expected to at least delay an Australia-EU Trade Deal and it will be less advantageous for Australia. Business deals require trust, and the AUKUS deal has demonstrated blatant Australian deceit and untrustworthiness [44].

(8). AUKUS nuclear terrorism offends and threatens nuclear-free Asia and Pacific nations. There is a strong anti-nuclear sentiment in the West Pacific Island nations, South Pacific Island nations  and New Zealand that arose from UK, US and French nuclear tests in the Pacific. New Zealand continues its ban on nuclear-powered naval vessels in its waters and ports but has been “punished” by effective exclusion from the Australia, New Zealand and US (ANZUS) agreement. The principled demand for  a nuclear-free Pacific was advanced by the Dr Timoci Bavadra-led  Fiji Labor Government. However this  led to a US- , Australia- and Apartheid Israel-complicit coup in 1987. Apartheid Israel also supplied weapons to the Coup forces  in the 2000 Fiji Coup, noting that US lackey Australia is second only  to  Zionist-subverted America as a supporter of nuclear terrorist Apartheid Israel. Australia as a world leading climate criminal country (e.g. it is the world’s biggest coal and gas exporter and the very  worst in the Developed World for climate policy)  already threatens and deeply offends existentially climate change-threatened Island nations [44]),  and the AUKUS deal further entrenches nuclear terrorism in the Indo-Pacific.

(9). AUKUS climate criminality and nuclear perversion existentially threatens Australia, Humanity and Biosphere. As summarized in part A, nuclear weapons and climate change are the 2 key existential threats to Humanity and the Biosphere. The AUKUS deal includes 2 of the worst climate criminal nations in the world (Australia and the US) and 2 of the 9 nuclear weapons states (the UK and the US).  Australia played a key role in UK acquisition  of nuclear weapons and missile delivery systems,  and continues to play  a key role in US nuclear terrorism through the Australian Pine Gap and North West Cape communications bases. As nuclear terrorist middle powers, Australia and the UK will be  susceptible  to huge harm inflicted by an increasingly anti-nuclear world through Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS).

(10). The AUKUS deal locks in a cowardly, unprincipled, US lackey Australia with nuclear terrorist states to seriously threaten its neighbours with advanced weapons and subversion. The only nations that historically sought to violently create empires in the Indo-Pacific  region from Africa to China,  Korea and the Pacific were Japan, the US  and Western European colonial  nations (the UK, Netherlands, France, Portugal and Spain). Japan and the European colonial powers have been defeated,  leaving only the US as an aggressive and nuclear-armed non-Indigenous interloper in the Pacific. Except for ethnically cleansed Diego Garcia, the nuclear terrorist and serial war criminal UK was  thankfully gone from the Indo-Pacific region but has now returned via AUKUS in a vile resurrection of its evil and murderous colonial past from Africa through Asia to the Pacific. The AUKUS deal locks in a cowardly, unprincipled, US lackey Australia with non-Indigenous nuclear terrorist states to seriously threaten its neighbours with advanced weapons. Indeed the joint Australian-US Pine Gap base in Central Australia targets illegal US drone strikes in a swathe of impoverished Indo-Pacific countries, namely Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Australia, the UK, NATO and  child-killing US have devastated  Afghanistan in gross violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention – there have been 4 million deaths from violence and war-imposed devotion and  2 million under-5 infant  deaths in the period 2001-2021 [13, 45]. The last American act  in leaving Afghanistan was to use a drone to destroy 10 innocent people including 7 children in Kabul (Australia may well have been involved in targeting this atrocity).

Nuclear terrorist AUKUS will likely trigger a horribly wasteful arms race in Australia’s neighbourhood. Thus, for example, non-aligned Indonesia (population 273.5 million) will be forced to react to actually and potentially nuclear–armed and nuclear-powered submarines secretly traversing its waters. This is a real threat because the UK and US have variously been involved in devastating  the Indo-Pacific region within living memory.  Trillions of dollars will be spent on deadly arms instead of on hospitals, schools, health, education, economic advance, and addressing climate change. Millions will ultimately die avoidably from AUKUS-imposed deprivation.

Further, US lackey Australia has had an appalling record of subverting neighbouring countries, in addition to involvement in illegal invasion and occupation of numerous countries by the US. Thus in circa 1960 Australia tried to get the US into war with Indonesia and was complicit in the US backing of Islamist rebels in Indonesia (the US finally successfully backed a military coup in 1965 in which about  1 million Indonesians, many of them progressive or Chinese, were killed). Australia looked after US interests in Cambodia after the US was expelled for dirty tricks, and in 1970 helped secure the overthrow of the Cambodian Sihanouk Government. The key Australian official involved in the Cambodian Coup then left for Chile where Australia also represented the US (expelled by Chile for dirty tricks) – Australian was complicit in the 1973 CIA-backed military coup that removed the democratically-elected Salvador Allende Government. In 1975 the Australian Government backed the Indonesian invasion of East Timor (200,000 out of 600,000 East Timorese were killed in the subsequent Timor Leste Genocide). Australia, the US and Apartheid Israel were involved in the 1987 and 2000 Coups in Fiji (Apartheid Israel supplied advanced weapons to the criminal rebels in both Coups) [13, 31, 32].

In the 21st century US-beholden Australian Intelligence was revealed to be involved in spying on the Indonesian president and his wife, and on spying on the Timor Leste cabinet for the benefit of powerful Australian oil interests. Those involved in revealing the Timor Leste outrage, Witness K and his lawyer Bernard Collaery, suffered egregious legal persecution in pre-police state Australia. Indeed anyone revealing such Australian misdeeds now faces up to 10 years in prison. Journalists have been raided and threatened for revealing Australian war crimes in Afghanistan [46]. US lackey Australian Intelligence is interfering in Australian politics and especially against Muslim politicians with a courteous attitude to China , specifically Labor Senator Sam Dastyari and NSW Labor MP Shaoquett Moselmane [47-49]. Presently the Zionist-subverted and US lackey Australian Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security has been offered Australian Intelligence advice that it should declare the Palestinian liberation movement  Hamas – overwhelmingly  elected in 2006 Occupied Palestinian elections held under Apartheid Israeli guns –  a terrorist organization “in its entirety”  and thus making about 50% of 15 million Palestinians “terrorist supporters” and subject to draconian punishment of up to life imprisonment in pre-police state Australia [50].

Final comments and conclusions

The recently revealed AUKUS and nuclear-powered submarines deals between Australia, the UK and the US has serious implications for  the Indo-Pacific region  as set out above in 3 areas, specifically in relation to (A) AUKUS nuclear terrorism, (B) genocidal AUKUS militarism, and  (C) the AUKUS deal damaging Australian values, sovereignty, independence, security, democracy, reputation, foreign relations, and trade. Australia, the UK and the US have variously had a devastating impact on the region historically and in living memory, and this White Anglosphere AUKUS alliance is a dangerous anti-China escalation that is complemented by the evidently anti-China Quad arrangement involving Australia, the US, Japan and  India.

US lackey Australia is the weak link in this US-inspired  and anti-China escalation,  and is stupidly and gratuitously offending its biggest trading partner, China. The AUKUS and nuclear-powered submarines deals will prove to be very expensive for Australia, and lock Australia into US domination of its defence, economy  and foreign policy for decades. It will  also promote a regional  arms race that may  eventually divert trillions of dollars away from peaceful pursuits  and the betterment of Humanity.

A shocking aspect of this warmongering deal is that it appears to have been launched in secret to improve the electoral prospects of a grossly incompetent, corrupt, anti-science, war criminal and climate criminal  Australian Coalition Government  at the expense  of  a “wedged” , cowardly and unprincipled  Labor Opposition that has felt compelled to go along with this dangerous, expensive, jingoistic  and xenophobic plan. Hopefully enough decent Australians will see the sheer lunacy of this  warmongering  Anglosphere plan, and get rid of the evil Coalition by voting 1 Green and putting  the  Coalition last in the forthcoming  Federal election.


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Dr Gideon Polya taught science students at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia over 4 decades. He published some 130 works in a 5 decade scientific career, notably a huge pharmacological reference text “Biochemical Targets of Plant Bioactive Compounds”. He has also published “Body Count. Global avoidable mortality since 1950” and “Jane Austen and the Black Hole of British History”. He has recently published “US-imposed Post-9-11 Muslim Holocaust & Muslim Genocide” (2020)  and “Climate Crisis, Climate Genocide & Solutions” (2021). For images of Gideon Polya’s huge paintings for the Planet, Peace, Mother and Child see:


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