The Life and Death of Vietnam War Veteran Jack Wheeler: A Good Man in an Evil World

As a West Point graduate raised in the home state of history-rich Massachusetts, I was steeped in the glorious tradition of the Long Gray Line heralding this nation’s greatest military leaders. Knowing that since 1802 the US Military Academy has been producing so many of America’s most famous war heroes – Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, John J. Pershing, George S. Patton, Douglas MacArthur, Omar Bradley and Dwight D. Eisenhower, I was both humbled and enthralled walking those same hallowed gray stone granite halls of one of this nation’s most honored and historic institutions of higher learning. Panoramic images of those steep, majestic banks along one of this country’s most iconic waterways the Hudson River located just fifty miles upstream from New York City will forever be etched in my own visual and visceral memory bank.

In a series of profiles featuring three distinguished fellow West Point graduates, I shall present the best of what West Point represents in leadership and service to our nation within the larger context and historical backdrop of their untimely tragic ends that expose America’s darkest underside. This first article will focus on the most recent fate befallen a national hero in John P. Wheeler III, a decorated Vietnam War veteran, former Army officer and longtime public servant who was murdered a little more than four years ago. His unknown killer or killers were never properly brought to justice. But the highly suspicious circumstances surrounding his death are extremely telling for what life in America has unfortunately become.

“Jack” Wheeler as his friends and family called this Texas born native son hailed from a long line of military professionals. His ancestor Joseph Wheeler was a general who served both with the Confederate Army during the Civil War and later the US Army during the Spanish American War. For a brief time his tank commander father was listed as missing in action at the Battle of the Bulge during World War II. A “star man” ranking academically high within the top 5% of his West Point Class of 1966 that lost more than any other alumni class in Vietnam at thirty (Class of ’65 suffered 29 KIA’s), Jack was prominently featured in Rick Atkinson’s book The Long Gray Line: The American Journey of West Point’s Class of 1966.

A year after graduation while still an Army lieutenant, Wheeler attended Harvard Business School earning a master’s degree in 1969. He then served a tour in Vietnam at Long Binh. In the final year of his five-year post-graduation commitment, Captain Wheeler was a member of the Pentagon’s General Staff. In 1971 he embarked on his first job as a civilian becoming a senior planner for Amtrak. After a year at Virginia Theological Seminary, Jack Wheeler attended Yale Law School and worked on the Yale Law Journal graduating in 1975. Already proving himself a dynamic young leader on the fast track to success, no doubt he was offered membership into Yale’s secret Skull & Bones society of which so many of America’s most powerful elite become card carrying lifelong members. Both US presidents Bush that Wheeler served under, along with the current Secretary of State John Kerry are all Skull & Bones Yale alumni. After law school Wheeler was hired as a clerk for prominent conservative DC Court of Appeals Judge George MacKinnon. After a stint in one major law firm, from 1978 to 1986 Jack Wheeler rose through the ranks at Wall Street’s Securities & Exchange Commission becoming its secretary in charge of conducting numerous investigations of insider trading abuse during his lengthy tenure.

For a decade from 1979 until 1989 Wheeler also worked feverishly as the chairman of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund fighting to finally establish designer Maya Lin’s controversial memorial wall as the US commemoration to the Vietnam War. At one point, a powerful senator even threatened to kill Wheeler for his stubborn, unyielding advocacy promoting the unconventional architectural landmark. His two most vocal critics were West Point’s archrival Annapolis grads, onetime third party presidential candidate and billionaire Ross Perot and Virginia Senator Jim Webb. It’s been said had it not been for Jack’s tenacious persistence, the wall listing all 58, 191 names of the American dead in Vietnam would’ve never happened.

Jack’s lifelong dedication and passion for seeking justice and support for the hapless US soldiers who fought and died in Vietnam was heroic. Those Americans who made it out alive once back home were literally spit on and spurned by the American public. As a West Point cadet during the last four years of America’s Vietnam War, I can attest firsthand to the ill treatment toward those of us in uniform during those tumultuous years of a divided America’s most unpopular, then longest running war in its history. I recall nearby Vassar girls attempting to literally rain on our parades spitting on us as we passed before the public in review. While on weekend passes I also recollect the rejection we shorthairs received in Big Apple’s Greenwich Village by our long haired hippie peers.

Of course a decade later ever since its 1982 unveiling, once Lin and Wheeler’s war memorial stood gracefully in place, daily drawing hundreds of profoundly moved, approving visitors to the nation’s most famous wall, and the memorial’s deep needed healing effect it’s had on both vets and the American public alike, not a peep of contempt was ever heard again from those once vociferous resistors.

As an Army officer, Jack wrote the US Department of Defense manual urging abstinence toward all use of chemical and biological warfare banned under the 1925 post-World War I Geneva Protocol and again reinforced in 1972 and 1993. Yet that’s rarely stopped hypocritical rogue states in their arrogance of exceptionalism like the US and Israel as the world’s most notorious violators from breaking international law at will, most recently using flesh burning white phosphorus in Fallujah, Iraq and tear gas on our own citizens exercising their First Amendment rights to peaceful assembly and free speech during the Occupy Wall Street movement and frequent public demonstrations right up to the present. Of course Israel has used poison nerve gas on Palestinians on numerous occasions with impunity. Recall that it was during the 1980’s Reagan administration that sent US made chemical weapons to then ally Saddam Hussein while he waged war against neighboring Iran, knowing Hussein would use it on his own people the Kurds as well as on Iran’s military that US intelligence provided Hussein with enemy troop movement.

The US Empire has been using Monsanto napalm to kill hundreds of thousands if not millions of Asians in Japan during World War II, Koreans and Chinese in Korea and later the Vietnamese, Cambodians and Laotians during the Vietnam War. US backed al Qaeda rebels fighting as Empire’s paid mercenaries in its proxy wars against Syria’s Assad and his allies Iran, Russia and China were guilty of attacks in 2013 that had war zealot Obama calling for preemptive air strikes on falsely blamed Syrian forces prior to Putin stepping in to perhaps save the planet from WWIII by brokering a last minute deal for Assad to turn over his cache of chemical weapons. Apparently the Saudi made and delivered chemicals that remained unused after that horrific Damascus suburb attack still retained in al Qaeda/ISIS’ possession was never disposed of. Such is the inconsistent double standard of phony and hollow moral high ground the US is constantly, feebly promoting in its dealings with the rest of the world. This issue of chemical weapons likely playing into Wheeler’s own murder will be taken up later.

Having served in three presidential administrations in both defense and military, as a career Washington insider, John Parsons Wheeler III became a Council on Foreign Relations member in October 2009. Also during his later years in public service, from 2005-2008 Wheeler worked as a special assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force Michael Wynne who happened to be his West Point classmate along with Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. T. Michael Mosely. In June 2008 Wynne and Mosely became fall guys when they were both fired by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates for the nuclear cruise missile scandal that took place the year before at Minot AFB in North Dakota and Barksdale AFB in Louisiana. Because Wheeler was a close confidante of so many powerbrokers in both the Pentagon and the federal government, he was very likely aware of the alleged insane neocon plan to secretly launch an unprovoked nuclear attack on Iran.

Because authorization to move nuclear arms requires 14 signatures that go straight up to the commander-in-chief, six cruise missiles armed with nuclear warheads could never have been flown the length of the United States without direct clearance from Bush or Cheney. Because Cheney was always the sinister mastermind behind all the neocons’ crimes against humanity, speculation naturally leads to Vice President Cheney getting caught subverting the established chain of command that likely included bypassing Robert Gates and perhaps secretly ordering Wynne and Mosely to move six nuclear armed warhead missiles from North Dakota without proper security protocol or authorization mounted on a Boeing B-52 bomber wing that flew to Louisiana.

Another source insists that it was Wheeler’s boss the Secretary of the Air Force that learned of Cheney’s underhanded malevolence and abruptly terminated mostly the Air Force staff working at Minot. Cheney was said to be enraged when he found out. Based on its own sources Russian news agency Pravda also reported that the timing of this incident was right in synch with public statements made by both Bush and Cheney threatening outright nuclear war against Iran, strongly indicating that a false flag nuke attack of some sort was in the making. Cheney was reported to have even pressured Israel to attack Iran in hopes that it would retaliate and justify the United States launching a counterattack. This is how bloodthirsty Cheney is and was.

Apparently the nuclear weapons of mass destruction were left unguarded as the B-52 crew in North Dakota allegedly had no clue that nukes were even on board. The nuclear missiles ended up at Barksdale AFB in Louisiana before ground crew there identified nukes mounted on the wing. The illegal operation was publicly exposed by Air Force whistleblowers who leaked it to Military Times.

Several sources include one more piece of information that is the most disturbing development. The Air Force bomber left North Dakota with six fully loaded nuclear cruise missiles but by the time the ground crew in Louisiana accounted for the nuclear weapons, that number of missiles was only five. Somewhere along the way south, apparently another stop was made and one of those missiles was dropped off and is now supposedly unaccounted for. Implications of this added reality suggest another 9/11 possibility (only bigger) on another unsuspecting American city. The fact that the government’s always hyping up the possibility of another major terrorist attack only makes the lost nuke missile all the more plausible to be used against us at a later date.

As is typical when the government gets caught red-handed, lower ranking individuals were immediately reprimanded, 70 personnel in all, 5 were officers including the Minot base commander. Many of the key personnel involved suddenly and mysteriously began dying in “accidents or suicides” both prior and after the 29-30 August 2007 incident. Citizens for Legitimate Government claimed that six of the airmen that either loaded or transported the missiles within a week after the incident were found dead mostly from vehicle road accidents. It seems more likely that the USA crime cabal went on a serious killing spree designed to silence anyone who may have known about the covert operation, sending a clear message to others still alive to keep their mouth shut or wind up dead themselves.

Muddying the waters even further, most of the Minot staff were newly assigned just two months prior to the incident, and of course once the story broke, they were all scrambled immediately to other faraway assignments, of course with official reprimands in tow. Eventually punishment was meted out all the way up to the top Air Force General Mosely and his civilian boss the Secretary of the Air Force Wynne. But just like at Abu Ghraib several years earlier, the most powerful individuals responsible for the potentially catastrophic blunder to begin with – Bush and/or Cheney – again got away with treason. And then after it was all said and done, the Air Force simply admitted it made an error and the whitewash was never further questioned or taken up by Congress. Again, it smacks of blatant cover-up from the White House on down.

Corroborating both the Russian news agency and widespread speculation, according to journalist Wayne Madsenspeaking with inside sources, the only reason the nuclear attack on Iran was aborted was courageous Air Force staff refused to carry out the White House’s demonic mission. Hence just like Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone and his family were assassinated in October 2002 after his refusal to endorse the “WMD” war against Iraq shortly after Cheney threatened him with “severe ramifications,” so were a number of Air Force personnel apparently whacked by the DC crime syndicate once they refused to obey the order coming from “the devil” himself as Hugo Chavez accurately labeled Bush. Apparently nuclear weapons capable of taking out cities the size of Chicago or Houston or countries like Iran were in process of being launched in 2007. How scary is that? Yet more treasonous war crimes that Bush and Cheney and company need to be held accountable for at The Hague.

It was highly probable that Cheney in his final VP days as Dr. Strangelove, not unlike the Chiefs of Staff’s Operation Northwoods in 1962 that Kennedy put the kybosh on, was diabolically about to perpetrate yet another heinous false flag crime – this time a nuclear annihilation perhaps of an American city to conveniently blame on Iran or a direct preemptive strike on Iran. Operation Northwoods proved that psychopathic powerbrokers in our own federal government are willing to sacrifice American lives here at home in their lust for war against targeted enemies, be they Cuba, Russia, Iraq, Iran or any nation that stands up to the global executioner.

Of course the inside 9/11 job only tragically confirmed that treasonous fact when the globalist neocon crime syndicate posing as US feds murdered 3000 innocent Americans so that US Empire could launch its forever “war on terror.” Eight years ago with those missing nukes, the US doing Israel’s bidding even then was accusing Iran of closing in on nuclear weapons. And of course nearly a decade later the Israeli-US crime cabal has only grown from bad to worse in its global evildoing, imposing ever stiffer economic sanctions on Iran while beating the war drums steadily louder. In fact the now four year war in Syria and the current expanding war in Yemen are just more US-Israel-Saudi evil of axis efforts to carry on proxy wars against Iran and its allies Russia and China. The diabolical endgame of the globalist controlled US Empire never ends until life itself.

After refusing to sign 1970’s international nuclear nonproliferation treaty, Israel hypocritically stole secrets from the US and Russia as well as received covert US assistance to criminally develop its own nuclear arsenal. Because it never happened in 2007, to this day Netanyahu is still frothing at the mouth to destroy Iran. And even as Obama signs the current nuke deal with Iran, Obama is placating his crime boss Netanyahu by not ruling out war with Tehran. In an overt attempt to egg Obama on, ex-Bush neocon war lover John Bolton published a recent angry op-ed piece in the New York Times demanding “To Stop Iran’s Bomb, Bomb Iran.” Meanwhile, perennial warmonger and Annapolis grad John McCain is urging Israel to launch a preemptive war against Iran and the new US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter is claiming the US might still bomb Iran even if the peace agreement’s signed. And as evidenced by last month’s treasonous unconstitutional misdeeds of the Israeli controlled US government, virtually all Republicans and most Democrats in Congress dance to the Netanyahu tune of World War III in its frenzy to get reelected as well as go to war on Iran and war against nuclear powered Russia over Ukraine.

All this suicidal madness based on outright lies continues spewing forth from our leaders in spite of repeated confirmation by Western inspectors backed by both US and Israeli intelligence community in recent years assuring that Iran is not developing nuclear weapons. Even a Council on Foreign Relations article a week ago quoting Obama’s intelligence guru and known perjurer James Clapper reiterated that Iran does not presently have nor is planning in the future to develop nuclear weapons.

Until he resigned in 2008, much of the late John Wheeler’s work with the Air Force centered on developing a sound cyber defense system for the nation as well gain the edge on the all-important cyber warfare game. Jack Wheeler was tasked with providing Precision Strike technology and Real Time Streaming Video that targeted links to US ground combat troops. One such targeting video link accessed by Private Bradley Manning that captured war atrocities being committed by US soldiers in Iraq was turned over to WikiLeaks.

Recognized as a renowned technical expert within his field, Wheeler had to have also been privy to the United States illegally releasing the Stuxnet virus in 2009 and 2010 infecting Iranian computers. Initially it was believed to derail Iran’s capacity for centrifuge development to produce enriched uranium that in turn posed an estimated two year setback to Iran’s nuclear capability plans. However, a more recent study published two years ago in a British journal maintains that the Stuxnet worm alerted Iran to its internal vulnerabilities that it would never have detected and corrected so soon. The British journal asserted that the Stuxnet actually sped up the Iran’s nuclear development. Thus the devious warfare tactic backfired on the US Cyber Command that had been taken over by the PT Barnum of the cyber world, another cadet a year behind me I went to school with, former NSA director General Keith Alexander. Having developed the Air Force Cyber Command which was the first branch of military service to actually have one, Jack held some reservations about the NSA’s methods. Among his final emails Jack criticized the country for its lack of preparation for cyber-attacks, writing, “In cyberspace and on power grid, US is standing around in boxer shorts.”  Again, clearly he was not happy with NSA director Alexander’s Cyber Command.

Upon retirement from federal service in 2008, Jack Wheeler received the Air Force Exceptional Civilian Service Award. From June 2008 up to his assassination on New Year’s Eve 2010, Jack was employed as a consultant for the defense contractor MITRE Corp. The company website specifies that it involves “aviation system development, defense and intelligence, federal sector modernization and homeland security.” MITRE also works with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or otherwise known as drones. As a firm involving trade and national security secrets involving top clearance, MITRE is also prone to attracting moles from Mossad as well as CIA.

In short, Jack Wheeler developed a career long expertise in state of the art cyber technology as related to cyber, chemical and biological weapons systems. He knew all aspects and functions of military and defense operations within multiple highly classified agencies of the federal government. Wheeler was a valued repository of unlimited top secret information involving the most covert US government operations and project developments spanning a full half century. His wide and versatile breadth of experience and knowledge ranged from defense contracts to cyber-security initiatives, UAV technology, insider trading, Wall Street and the SEC, transactions involving Boeing, the Pentagon and all the shady ins and outs of the Bush crime family having worked for both presidents. As such, he had inside track of the darkest, most destructive side of how US Empire operates, targeting nations, governments and people for predatory exploitation and all too frequent elimination.

No doubt Jack increasingly grew somewhat conflicted about where he saw his government and nation was headed. As an honorable and good man with a conscience surrounded by psychopathic sharks, Jack assuaged some of his mounting guilt by throwing himself into dozens of charitable causes and organizations over the many years. He especially remained active in his tireless efforts to improve the lives of his fellow veterans and those less fortunate. Jack was also chairman and CEO of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD), the founding CEO of the Vietnam Children’s fund and President, CEO of the Deafness Research Foundation from 1997 to 2001 and a host of other benevolent societies and organizations.

John Wheeler was also an avid, bigtime emailer to close friends and family. His final emails were to his lifelong West Point classmate and friend Art Schulcz, who stated as of 5:10 PM on December 28th, two and half days prior to his murder, Jack Wheeler was as sharp as ever and fully in control of all his faculties. The email in question expressed Jack’s frustration of how NCAA sports had become all about money and how his alma mater’s football team “should pull out of the fraud-ridden NCAA.” His classmate added, “Jack was passionate about certain things, like right and wrong and honor.” Schulcz mentioned it was very unusual for Jack not to return his message onDecember 29th.

Another classmate and sophomore roommate, General Bob Scales, interviewed on Fox News emphasized how a couple days prior to Wheeler’s death the images from the Wilmington parking lot garage of a highly disheveled, disoriented, lost man shuffling back and forth holding one shoe in his hand was not the man he knew. Scales described Jack as a brilliant, kind, mild-mannered, empathic gentleman. His former Air Force boss and classmate Michel Wynne said Jack was passionate about everything he immersed himself in, even to the point of becoming agitated and frustrated when in disagreement with others, “but he was always compassionate. His determination was bulldozer-like and always for the little guy.”

Katherine Klyce was Jack’s second wife who he was married to for over thirteen years. She has her own Cambodian silk import business in New York City and spends time living in their Harlem apartment and sharing their Colonial home in historic, upscale New Castle, Delaware, an hour and a half outside DC. Jack worked mostly in Washington and Wilmington, Delaware frequently commuting to work by Amtrak. The couple spent Christmas 2010 in New York. But on December 27th Jack told her he had business to attend to in Washington and left early the next morning on the train south. Klyce was angry at him because she had been looking forward to spending the entire holiday week together with a cousin’s wedding to attend in Boston on New Year’s Eve, the same day Wheeler’s body was found falling out of a garbage truck into the land fill dump in Wilmington. The coroner concluded that Jack Wheeler died from a blunt force wound to his head. After several calls to Jack that went straight to his voice mail, Katherine Klyce went to the wedding alone. It wasn’t until she returned to New York that Jack’s daughter from an earlier marriage came to her home on January 2nd and gave her the tragic news in person.

In subsequent interviews Katherine verbalized her upset with the local Delaware police. She complained that they were rude, uncommunicative and not making any effort or progress toward finding the murderer. As weeks dragged on with still no clues or forthcoming information, Jack’s wife wavered back and forth between thinking it was some random act of violence to concluding it must have been a professional hit. But as weeks became months, especially after the family offered $25,000 to anyone who could help bring the killer to justice, when no one came forward, she concluded the killer must have already gotten paid for his work as a hired assassin.

And Katherine’s right. It was most likely a botched, unprofessional hit gone bad. Jack was never supposed to be discovered the next morning in that Wilmington landfill. It was anything but clean with the victim walking around town for two days looking perturbed, disturbed, dazed and confused. He more than likely had been drugged up, beaten up, and eventually banged up so brutally in the fragile skull he couldn’t survive. The poor tormented man knew he was in danger and was in fear for his life by the time he was wearing the hood over his face not wanting to be identified or seen just prior to his murder. It’s a shameful cheap shot to denigrate this honorable man with thatparking lot video, using his bipolar disorder to write him off as simply another lost cause who went bonkers off his meds. It’s exactly what his assassin killers want us to think. And if we think that, the murderers have won, and gotten away with murder. Jack Wheeler deserves better.

It seems the police are being too tight lipped, not disclosing any info whatsoever about Jack’s business dealings in DC as well as in Wilmington where his lawyer’s office is located. He ran with very powerful beltway insiders that no doubt know more than they or the cops are letting on. Of course they may be too afraid to talk knowing Jack’s powerful enemies are still free to come after them should they reveal too much. Sad that some of his friends and colleagues are likely unwilling to volunteer important, possibly crucial truth that might lead to his killer(s).

Another disgraceful cheap shot was dismissing Jack as a sore loser neighbor resorting to desperate and vengeful petty crime with so called sightings of a man that vaguely fit his physical description throwing smoke bombs into the unwelcomed house under construction across the street. And then to claim his cell phone was found at the scene of the crime, look how low the murderers will go to defame the poor man of his greatness and dignity in death. Again, the evil guilty party always conjures up deceitful slanderous ways to smear the character of those who are ethical and honest. These low life, shameless tactics only rub salt into the wounded hearts of those who loved and knew the man.  Both they and Jack Wheeler deserve better than the scum who destroyed him.

What makes this case even more frustrating is the fact that other than offering token “technical support” as needed to the local police, the FBI chose to never become involved in any homicide investigation. A man with such a high profile that plenty of others may have motivation to silence based on the dirt he may have known about them should automatically draw the FBI to take over the case, that is if they really wanted to solve the murder, which appears they don’t. Throw in the fact that this American hero gave so much of himself to his country and those less fortunate and always seemed to have the genuine desire to enrich the lives of others, then ethically and morally the man deserves to bring the evildoers that did him in to their due justice. For him and his family and friends’ sake, they deserve so much better. The guilty murderer(s) need to pay for their horrific crime.

Obviously law enforcement is concealing lots of evidence. Wilmington and Newark both have lit up streets andcameras on every block. Virtually all his apparent aimless wandering around town had to be captured on video. Certainly from the cameras alone the cops should have come up with some tangible and concrete leads. It’s unacceptable and reprehensible that the police are withholding key evidence that should facilitate catching the criminals.

Then about a day before he died, the killers went to Jack’s home searching for something they didn’t find earlier when they stole his briefcase, roughed him up and drugged him, even to the point of tearing up the floorboard in his house. The bad guys knew Jack had something they wanted that could incriminate them. His ransacked home had nothing to do with robbery just as his gold plated West Point ring and watch were still on his possession when his body was discovered at the landfill.

Perhaps the most explosive assertions made to explain the US government’s motive for assassinating Jack Wheeler came from the European Union Times just days after his death. As a biological and chemical weapons expert from his earlier military days, and consulting with his current firm MITRE that contracts with aerosol chemtrail companies, Wheeler was likely called back from his holiday in New York to respond to an extremely disturbing ongoing crisis at Pine Bluff Arsenal in central Arkansas where a highly poisonous chemical called Phosgene was leaking profusely from a large tanker transport plane.  Apparently on back-to-back days there was enormous spillage killing over 4,000 birds one day and then the next killing more than 100,000 fish in the Arkansas River. Of course even possessing chemical weapons at all was against international law. It apparently had been transported to Iraq for possible use in that war and efforts to remove it from Iraq and bury it underground at the Arkansas arsenal caused over 500 minor earthquakes disturbing the nearby residents in the area.

So as an irresponsible, deceitfully desperate measure to dispose of the killer toxin, the US was criminally dumping it from Iraq to Afghanistan. The international regulatory agency caught wind of this and Russia’s Putin called US out on its careless endangerment to life forms and habitats. Because Wheeler saw what napalm did to his fellow soldiers and especially Asian victims in Nam, and was strongly opposed to harming more humans and animal life, the man with a conscience went to Washington to confront the higher-ups in both the government and Pentagon, actually threatening to publicly expose the evil US practice of indiscriminant killing of earthly life and habitat. And for this noble, brave and righteous action Jack Wheeler likely paid the ultimate price.

There exists some circumstantial evidence that the hit man hired to neutralize Jack was Andrew Robert Levene. A criminal con man, thief and murderer, Levene was an acquaintance of Jack Wheeler. The guy tried to pass himself off as a Special Forces Ranger though his military records show he got booted out of the Army in four months. However, if he had actually been recruited as a CIA asset and goon, his records could have been purposely doctored. He came from a very affluent family and lived his life lavishly far above his means, repeatedly ripping off investors in bad real estate deals in multiple locations in the States. That he may have been recruited to assassinate Wheeler for a sizeable cash bonus that helped him pay off some pressing legal debts that enabled him to move with his wife and children to Barcelona, Spain appears plausible. And it’s public record that he occasionally had face-to-face contact with Jack around the time of his death. Moreover, it’s on record that about that time Levene did pay off some of his debts and did leave the country not long after Jack’s murder.

Even more incriminating is a credit card charge of two airline tickets to Spain that showed up on Jack’s wife’s monthly bill also matching both near the time Jack died as well as when Levene traveled with his wife to Spain. And perhaps the strongest evidence of all that Andrew Levene may have been Jack’s hired killer is that Levene was actually arrested for murder of a New York City jeweler having stolen diamonds and while in custody in Barcelona, Levene is said to have committed suicide. But obviously if the real person in power who wanted Jack dead hired the incompetent killer Levene to do his bidding, then it definitely could have been arranged to silence Levene early on while in custody before he had the chance to spill the rotten beans.

Too often in America the justice system is grossly unjust, and like every other system in this criminal nation, it’s so broken and corrosive, run by soulless, heartless psychopaths, what else can be expected? And for that reason alone, the corrupt FBI that’s part of the international crime syndicate will not get involved because the person or persons responsible for Jack’s murder are so powerful that their power permits them to live above the law. The sinister force behind Jack’s untimely death has effectively stonewalled this case from ever being solved. That of course would also explain why no progress or information is coming from the local police as well. Police state America is only beholding to the globalists that control their law enforcement henchmen. The same reason why those Air Force loaders and flyers of that outlawed contraband began dying is why Jack was also slain. They all got in the way of the powers-that-be who are merely protecting their own high stakes by eliminating all potential incriminating evidence. Killing a few innocent victims poses far less risk to the crime syndicate than getting caught wiping out an entire city or nation.

It’s worthy of a closer examination of the people who make up the non-profit MITRE Corp. that was Jack Wheeler’s final employer and what other elite globalist organizations its employees belong to like Jack’s Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) , the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, Skull & Bones, and Freemasons that typically run the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, the IRS, the FBI, the DEA, the Food & Drug Administration, the Federal Aviation Association, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and on and on it goes. Political ideology is meaningless. The international crime syndicate acting as our de facto national government (virtually the same now in all Western nations) is one monolithic, interlocking matrix of shadowy think tanks, co-opted elitist universities, political action committees and lobbying organizations, the public face stooges and puppets in Congress, the executive and judicial branches, the military, and corporate management are all controlled by a handful of oligarch families who own everyone and everything on earth there is to own and control. This 1% of the richest owning more than the 99% of the rest of us combined are running this lawless, evil, decaying, broken down, unsustainable system on the brink of total collapse that we humans presently find ourselves stuck with in twenty-first century earth life.

As an example of how this system works, since 1986 right up until his death a year ago, the Chairman of the Board of MITRE was former CIA Director-Defense Secretary James Schlesinger who had such weighty clout in the inner circle NWO power club that he could easily contact his buddy whose the head of FAA in order to get exemptions so that the little Oregon company called Evergreen International Aviation owned by Delbert Smith until he died a few months ago could spray regular routes of toxic chemtrail metals at irregular times down on us. Of course when the old guy passes the next card carrying elitist takes his place in line. In this case Schlesinger was replaced by former Virginia senator and governor and husband to President Johnson’s daughter Lynda Bird. Just like European or Saudi royalty, power’s always kept in the family so to speak.

Since MITRE has a CIA no bid contract, every interlocker plays the game called “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.” So that the chemtrail company can do its thing, it receives exemptions from MITRE’s working relationship with the FAA, Defense Department and Homeland Security. And how convenient that MITRE and the CIA are headquartered in the same upscale town of McLean, Virginia. Several weeks ago current CIA Director John Brennan was introduced by CFR-Bilderberg-Trilateral Commission member media guy Charlie Rose to speak at the Council on Foreign Relations attended by old NWO lifer himself Henry Kissinger. Birds of a feather flock together in an insulated, stratified, hierarchical system that’s all self-serving for its elite players only. Though Americans tend to delude themselves into believing there’s no rigid caste or class system here in the United States, in fact the global debtor-based feudal system that’s enslaving all of us now is every bit a rigid caste system if there ever was, except there’s only two classes, the 1% haves and the 99% have-nots. We 99%-ers as outsiders are so far removed from the elitist inner power sanctum that we’re simply viewed as the elite’s expendable victims to be used up, all the while dying either slowly from the NWO’s soft and/or dying fast from their hard kill eugenics plan. Not a lot of choice.

Finally, John Parsons Wheeler III was a good guy locked in a bad guy system. His conscience was getting to him and he was not going to look the other way anymore. In a club of psychopaths, there’s no room for humans with a heart, compassion and integrity. Once you’re an inner club member, and retain what makes you still human, if you insist on making waves, the all-powerful, self-purging system will simply eliminate you. Since it’s run by sub-human criminals only for sub-human criminals, actual humans will not usually last long. And since Jack Wheeler was such a good man for all his 66 years, in the psychopathic domain of elitist power, only the good die young.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. He now concentrates on his writing and has a blog site at http://empireexposed. blogspot. com/.

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