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The provision of food, water and fuel is a precondition of civilized society: they are necessary factors for the survival of the human species
South Korean Trade, Diplomacy Trending Away from China By and , March 28, 2024
Thailand’s Kra Land Bridge (Might) Reshape Asia By , March 12, 2024
Indonesia to Offer Tax Perks to Companies Investing in Reforestation of Its New Capital City By , February 29, 2024
China’s Chip Industry Is Gaining Momentum – It Could Alter the Global Economic and Security Landscape By and , February 14, 2024
China’s Exports Shifting From West to Global South By , April 26, 2023
In Silicon Valley Bank Collapse, Asia Sees 1997 All Over Again By , March 16, 2023
China’s COMAC C919 Passenger Jet and a Leap for Multipolarism By , January 10, 2023
War on Cash: India Rolling Out Retail Pilot Program for Digital Rupee By , November 25, 2022
Southeast Asia Chooses to Work with China, What Will Happen Next? By and , November 22, 2022
Clampdown on Chip Exports Is the Most Consequential US Move Against China Yet By , October 26, 2022
Asia’s Future Takes Shape in Vladivostok, the Russian Pacific By , September 16, 2022
Falling FX Reserves Herald Asia Financial Crisis 2.0 By , September 16, 2022
Japan’s Nuclear Revival in a Race Against Time By , August 31, 2022
World of Trade: South Korea Signs $2.25 Billion Deal with Russia Nuclear Company By , August 26, 2022
Early Meiji Japan and Public History: Ports, Public Memory, Gateways to Understanding through Photography By and , July 22, 2022
Blinken’s Gone Bonkers: Russia Is Alleviating, Not Worsening, Sri Lanka’s Crisis! By , July 11, 2022
Indonesian Political Parties Build Close Relations with China Despite Their Anti-communist Ideology By , June 15, 2022
What’s Happening in Sri Lanka and How Did the Economic Crisis Start? By , April 15, 2022
China’s Belt & Road Already Delivering for Southeast Asia By , February 08, 2022
Indonesia Export Ban Puts China in a Coal Bind By , January 06, 2022
India-Bangladesh Ties at Inflection Point By , December 14, 2021
Laos’ Railway Opens: The West Kicks and Screams as China and Laos Move Forward Together By , December 10, 2021
The Economic Dimension of China-North Korea Relations By , November 17, 2021
RCEP to Boost Trade Flows and Supply Chain Network in Asia-Pacific By , October 14, 2021
Pakistan Shifts Gears on China’s Belt and Road By , August 24, 2021
China, Japan, Mongolia: Ongoing Cooperation and Russia’s Stabilizing Role By , July 30, 2021
Modi Government’s Economic Policies Pose an Existential Threat to Backward Communities that Must be Resisted By , July 29, 2021
US Fingerprints on Terrorism Aimed at China-Pakistan Economic Corridor By , July 29, 2021
Xi’s APEC Speech Reveals Extent of Health Silk Road, Regional & Global Integration Plans By , July 20, 2021
Pakistan’s Geo-economics Is Working Well By , July 19, 2021
Cease Confrontation with China. Concentrate on Trade and Global Development By , July 15, 2021
Belt & Road: The China-Laos-Thailand Corridor By , July 14, 2021
South Korea’s President Moon Set to Help Biden ‘Build Back Better’ By , July 06, 2021
No Light at End of Trans-Himalayan Train Tunnel By , July 01, 2021
Belt and Road Initiative Is Essential to Global Recovery By , July 01, 2021
How India Lost Its Way in Persian Gulf By , May 25, 2021
China and the February 1, 2021 Coup d’Etat in Burma: Beijing’s Geopolitical Nightmare By , May 25, 2021
Australia Escalated the Hybrid War on BRI at America’s Behest By , May 04, 2021
The Indian Factor in Central Asia By , April 30, 2021
Australia Cancels Two Development Agreements with China By , April 26, 2021
India May Build New Coal-fired Power Plants Despite Climate Crisis By , April 20, 2021
India’s Impending War on Crypto By , April 16, 2021
Pakistan May Resume Import of Cotton from India: Report By , March 17, 2021
The Evolution of the East Asian Eco-Developmental State By and , March 17, 2021
‘We Attack,’ Indonesia Declares in Joint Bid with Malaysia to Shield Palm Oil By , March 03, 2021
The Fallacy of North Korean Collapse By and , March 03, 2021
Nepal’s Mega-dam Is a Mirage By , March 02, 2021
‘A Disgrace’: Luxury Housing Plans Threaten Cambodia’s Bokor National Park By , February 26, 2021
India: The Kisans Are Right. Their Land Is at Stake. By , February 15, 2021
Military Coup: The Myanmar-China Nexus By , February 15, 2021
China Building Indonesia into an EV Powerhouse By , February 09, 2021
Belt and Road Initiative: Opportunities and Challenges for Mongolia By , February 02, 2021
China Building Digital Silk Road Stretching from Asia Through Africa to Europe By , February 02, 2021
It’s Facebook versus India’s Farmers By , January 29, 2021
Forget About the Trade Spat – Coal Is Passé in Much of China, and that’s a Bigger Problem for Australia By , and , January 20, 2021
Will Costs Continue to Cage Laos’ Regional Connectivity? By , January 15, 2021
Looming Large: The Middle East Braces for Fallout of US–China Divide By , January 14, 2021
Why Are People Going Hungry in India Despite a Massive Grain Surplus? By , January 13, 2021
As World Sours on Coal, Top Producer Indonesia Tries to Sweeten It at Home By , December 30, 2020
Pakistan Returns $1bn to Saudi Arabia and Turns to China for Loan Assistance By , December 22, 2020
What to Expect from Relations Between China and Australia? By , December 16, 2020
China Restricts Australian Coal Imports Amid ‘Deteriorating Relationship’ Between Canberra and Beijing By , December 16, 2020
Why Modi’s “Green Response” to China’s “Belt and Road” Is Doomed to Fail By , December 10, 2020
The Belt and Road Initiative in Malaysia: New Challenges for South East Asia By , December 10, 2020
Australia: Exporting Weapons Is a Clear and Present Danger By , December 10, 2020
Australia’s Coal Mines: Adani Was a Bad Investment in 2014. It’s an Even Worse One Now. By , December 09, 2020
China Overtakes the US to Become EU’s Biggest Trade Partner as Beijing’s Economy Continues to Boom Post-COVID while the Rest of the World Slides into the Red By , and , December 08, 2020
Philippines to be Asia’s Worst Economic Performer By , December 03, 2020
Chinese Premier Raises Four-pronged Proposal for SCO’s Future Development By , December 01, 2020
China Slaps 200% Import Tax on Australian Wine Amid Tensions By , December 01, 2020
Costly Competition: India Playing into China’s Hands By , November 23, 2020
New Rule Puts Indonesia’s Protected Forests Up for Grabs for Agribusiness By , November 23, 2020
A Plan for a High-income Chinese Economy By and , November 20, 2020
India and ASEAN to Create a “Belt and Road Alternative”? By , November 18, 2020
How Can the Belt and Road Better Protect Biodiversity? By , November 18, 2020
New Trade Zone in Asia-Pacific Could Ensure Chinese Global Leadership By , November 16, 2020
India’s Farewell to ASEAN as It Boards RCEP Train By , November 16, 2020
India, Myanmar Agree Strategic Port Operation in Rakhine Next Year By , November 13, 2020
China-backed Deal to be Signed with Southeast Asia By and , November 12, 2020
China: The Largest Cheap Labor Factory in the World By , November 10, 2020