The movement also attempts to hold Beijing to the parting demands made by British occupiers in 1997 including the “One Country, Two Systems” principle which serves as the legal framework Western sponsored agitators use to justify their activities
While Europe was engaged inexpansionist wars, in the once lush, tropical Borneo, people who belonged to the ancient local cultures, used to decide things communally, by consensus, or should we use the Western term, “democratically”.
Rice had jacked up to additional P11.00 this time, while meat products had increased by P50.00 more. Vegetables at P60.00 last January is now at P80.00 to P100.00. Electricity is again up this June by P00.80 per kilowatt hour.
Hardly noticed on the world landscape of emerging democracies lies Nepal. This new republic now has its first government, newly formed under a secular constitution. It’s a route scattered with the detritus of its becoming a republic, though still a relatively nonviolent path.
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