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With help of its Asian allies the US are going to seal off the PLA Navy in the South China Sea and prevent its moving in operations space. Its eventual objective is aimed on establishing a ground coalition against China.
In conjunction with the U.S., NATO is striving to assemble the remnants of defunct or dormant Cold War-era military blocs in the Asia-Pacific region...
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Japan Plans $75B Investment Across Indo-Pacific to Counter China By and , March 21, 2023
AUKUS a Hard Nuke Sale in Next Door Southeast Asia By , March 21, 2023
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Everything Japan Vowed to Give Marcos Jr. By , February 16, 2023
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Arms Tests vs War Drills Ad Infinitum in Korea By , December 23, 2022
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India Should Quit Quad Now! By , March 21, 2022
Japan’s Concern for Ukraine: Crocodile Tears? By , March 21, 2022
Former Top US Defense Officials Arrive in Taiwan Amid Russia-Ukraine War By and , March 03, 2022
Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison Commits $804 Million Over a Decade for the Antarctic By , February 21, 2022
US Battling to Swing Thailand Away from China By , February 08, 2022
Japan: Pressure from Populist Right to Scrap ‘Peace Constitution’ after 75 Years By , January 27, 2022
Nostalgia at the AUKMIN Talks: Britain’s Forces Eye Australia By , January 24, 2022
Anachronistic Frivolity: Australia’s Recent Tank Purchase By , January 12, 2022
Okinawan Coral Politics, Henoko Base Construction and a Japanese Political Strategy of Ignorance By , January 07, 2022
Why Do Some Maldivians Want the ‘Indian Military Out’? By , November 24, 2021
Fold, Call or Raise? China’s Potential AUKUS Reactions By , November 04, 2021
US Marines on Taiwan: Major Provocation, but Not News By , October 21, 2021
South Korea Launches First Domestically Made Space Rocket By , October 21, 2021
US Stealth Jets Become First Fighters to Fly from Japanese Ship Since WWII By , October 07, 2021
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Nuclear Terrorist Australia, UK & US AUKUS Alliance Threatens Humanity By , October 05, 2021
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AUKUS Sub Deal Splits ASEAN into Pro and Anti Camps By , September 23, 2021
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Australia’s New Anti-China Alliance By , September 22, 2021
Morrison’s Dangerous Fantasies Represent a Danger to Australia’s Future By , September 22, 2021
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