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The United States’ “Pivot to Asia” was the Barack Obama administration’s military, economic and political strategy to deploy more than half the US Navy to the Pacific.
War Games Risk Stirring Up Troubled Waters as Philippines − Emboldened by US − Squares Up to Beijing at Sea By , May 17, 2024
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Congressional Concerns: Stalling Nuclear Submarines for Australia By , July 24, 2023
Arming Taiwan Is an Insane Provocation By , July 21, 2023
US Military Gets ‘Unimpeded Access’ in Papua New Guinea Under New Deal By , June 16, 2023
Philippine Lawmakers Demand US Pays for Bases to Fund Cash-strapped Military Pension Scheme By , June 16, 2023
The Philippines as Springboard for US War on China By , April 07, 2023
Taiwan Leader Set to Meet US House Speaker Despite China Warning By , April 06, 2023
Philippines Announces Locations of Four New US Bases By , April 04, 2023
Imperial Visits: US Emissaries in the Pacific By , March 22, 2023
In Silicon Valley Bank Collapse, Asia Sees 1997 All Over Again By , March 16, 2023
With AUKUS, Australia Has Wedded Itself to a Risky US Policy on China – And Turned a Deaf Ear to the Region By , March 14, 2023
Number of Pentagon Bases in the Philippines Increased Under Outcry Against US Push to War By , February 09, 2023
Kamala Harris Blunders Philippines Visit, Stirs Conflict with China By , December 02, 2022
U.S. Military Poised to Return to Subic Bay, Counter China’s Presence By , November 25, 2022
Prepping for a China War: The United States and the New Arc of Militarization Across Northern Australia By , November 17, 2022
Clampdown on Chip Exports Is the Most Consequential US Move Against China Yet By , October 26, 2022
Blinken: China Wants to Seize Taiwan on a “Much Faster Timeline” Than Previously Thought By , October 20, 2022
The Forgotten US Forever War in Korea By , November 17, 2021
US Marines on Taiwan: Major Provocation, but Not News By , October 21, 2021
Uyghur Tribunal: US Lawfare at Its Lowest By , October 13, 2021
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Nuclear Terrorist Australia, UK & US AUKUS Alliance Threatens Humanity By , October 05, 2021
Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place: U.S. Marines in Okinawa Discharge PFAS into the Sewers By , September 29, 2021
Not Just About Subs, AUKUS Expands US Military Footprint in Australia, Too By , September 29, 2021
AUKUS Sub Deal Splits ASEAN into Pro and Anti Camps By , September 23, 2021
AUKUS vs China: Inching Toward War By , September 22, 2021
Morrison’s Dangerous Fantasies Represent a Danger to Australia’s Future By , September 22, 2021
US Encircling China on Multiple New Cold War Fronts By , September 20, 2021
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US vs. China: Where Does Vietnam Stand? By , September 06, 2021
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Singapore PM Warns US Against Hard Line Toward China By , August 11, 2021
The US-Japanese Alliance Against China Risks World War By , August 05, 2021
US Pursuing ‘Integrated Deterrence’ Strategy in Asia-Pacific Region, Says Austin By , August 05, 2021
India Maintains Pragmatic International Posture, but US Demands Stronger Alignment By , August 03, 2021
US Hopes to Turn Philippines into Military Outpost Aimed Against China By , August 02, 2021
Blinken’s Single-point Agenda in Delhi – China By , July 30, 2021
US Fingerprints on Terrorism Aimed at China-Pakistan Economic Corridor By , July 29, 2021
If US Can’t Have Myanmar, No One Will By , July 27, 2021
Six Decades of US-Japanese Government Collusion in Bringing Nuclear Weapons to Japan By and , July 20, 2021
Cease Confrontation with China. Concentrate on Trade and Global Development By , July 15, 2021
South Korea’s President Moon Set to Help Biden ‘Build Back Better’ By , July 06, 2021
US-Taiwan: West’s Last Foothold in China By , June 30, 2021
Biden’s China Policy Gets ASEAN Cold Shoulder By , June 17, 2021
Huawei’s HarmonyOS Aims at US Tech Dominance By , June 10, 2021
US Maritime Bullying Targets “Ally” India By , May 27, 2021
Will Pakistan Give US Post-Afghanistan Military Bases? By , May 26, 2021
Trump Administration Considers Assembling ‘Asian NATO’ to Counter China By , November 05, 2020